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2012 {#3-1 to #3-11}

#3-11 - 2012 December/January - Grand Mesa Summit Challenge Highest Sled Dog Race In N. America

#3-10 - 2012 November - Potassium In Egnar: A Possible $600+Million/Year Economic Bonanza

#3-9 - 2012 October - Chimney Rock Elevated To National Monument Status

#3-8 - 2012 September - Third Annual Montrose Powwow Honors Veterans; Azteca Dancers Debut

#3-7 - 2012 August - Durango, Montrose & Telluride Take 'America's Race' To New Heights

#3-6 - 2012 July - America's Highest-Elevation Roller Coaster Opens At Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

#3-5 - 2012 June - Colorado River: Major Economic Powerhouse A $26 Billion Recreation Resource

#3-4 - 2012 May - World's Biggest Big Top Circus Is Coming! Magnificent Asian Elephants To Show Off

#3-3 - 2012 April - Big Banks Held Accountable; Relief & Restitution To Homeowners

#3-2 - 2012 March - Record Sales & Job Growth Ahead For Restaurant Industry in 2012

#3-1 - 2012 February - Glenwood Springs Named Top Ski Town; 'Most Fun Town In America'

2011 {#2-1 to #2-11}

#2-11 - 2011 December/January - 100% Solar Heats Pools At 'Chipeta Solar Springs Resort'

#2-10 - 2011 November - EPA Approves Construction Of Energy Fuels’ Piñon Ridge Mill

#2-9 - 2011 October - Colorado Agricultural Growth Continues

#2-8 - 2011 September - Gas Boom May Be In Store For Southwestern Colorado

#2-7 - 2011 August - Sunshine Express Steams Into 2nd Year, Good News Rejuvenates SW Colorado

#2-6 - 2011 July - Colorado Feeds The World; State Ag Exports Grow Over 31%

#2-5 - 2011 June - Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging Non-Radiation, Non-Contact, Accurate, Safe

#2-4 - 2011 May - An Architectural Masterpiece Comes To Life in Ignacio

#2-3 - 2011 April - 'World Race 2011, New York To Paris' Pit Stops At Gateway Canyons

#2-2 - 2011 March - Southwest Colorado Transportation Expanding Through All Points

#2-1 - 2011 January - 'Towers' Of Food Donated To Angel Basket Food Bank In Norwood

2010 {#1-1 to #1-5}

#1-5 - 2010 December - Interest Rates Near Record Lows; 'Once In A Lifetime Deal'

#1-4 - 2010 November - Polar Express Returns For Holidays Aboard Durango & Silverton Railroad

#1-3 - 2010 October - San Miguel Power Association Working To Harvest Solar Energy In Ouray

#1-2 - 2010 September - First Annual Montrose Indian Nations Powwow Begins In September

#1-1 - 2010 August - (Debut Edition) - Good News Comes To Western Slope Aboard The Sunshine Express!

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