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Dear Readers, We are pleased and proud to bring you The Sunshine Express. We hope you will enjoy reading the paper and will write to us, contributing your thoughts, ideas, knowledge, wisdom, and talents. We are thrilled to be able to showcase and promote artists of all kinds. The Sunshine Express will be your voice, your conduit for sharing and spreading good energy & blessings to all. Thanks for your support and for sharing the good news of the Sunshine Express. All Aboard! - KingDaddy & Moonstruck - Norwood 

Reader and business feedback:

* Let me tell ya a funny story; I arrived at Colorow Care Center in Olathe for rehab after a mild stroke, and one day they delivered the papers. First day for me and it was the Montrose News, The Beacon, and The Sunshine Express. So I read the news, glanced at the Beacon, made sense after all this is 90% elderly, 10% rehab. Glanced at the Sunshine Express, thought it was another publication geared to the elderly, so I put it on top of the others face up on my night stand, instead of the trash can for recycling. Well a pretty 20 something CNA comes in my room, sees the Sunshine Express and says... "Do you read that?" While I sit there with my classic sleeveless Pink Floyd 'Wish You Were Here' T-shirt. She said... "Ya should!" So I picked it up, and dropped it on the floor, and it opened in half, and there was a full page advertisement for The Acme Healing Times and The Green Mile! Blew my mind! She said... "I told ya so!" Went on to tell me that when she was younger she had worked at Taco Time in Delta and every month this hippie lookin' chic would come in and restock the paper rack, and always had an upbeat attitude and really cool to talk to. I've clipped and found tremendous inspiration in an article in Treasuries From The Inbox, you might remember it? Very powerful for me at the time. I was learning how to walk again! It was about the mountain bike and never quit peddling with God riding along! That's when I set my goal to ride my bike again. Check out my cover photo, that was Holloween 2015 at Colorow. I did it! To this day I have the 2015 OCTOBER #6-9 edition! What a trip...huh? It was a bummer to hear you guys were going to (bi-monthly) but I thought, more of a good thing all at once! I like; The Horoscope, The Moon Dance and night time delights. Keep up the killer work! Glad we crossed paths ??
- Ted Stepanski

* I was visiting Dr. Don's [Nucla Apothecary Shoppe] with a friend who I am visiting in Gateway, to catch him before he retires. I am from CT and had read the New Yorker 2011 Dr. Don profile. I picked up The Sunshine on our way out. I read it in bed that night and was really impressed. Our local paper in Guilford, CT is not nearly as diverse. Keep up the good work. - Laura Raymond

* Thank you very much for getting our last performance in the paper. We were outside in the rain, but had a great turnout with folks traveling from other towns to see the show. Doctor Robert greatly appreciates your service. - Ben Wright, Doctor Robert, The Beatles Tribute

* Special shout out to SunshineXNews for keepin' it real on Colorado's western slope! - Acme Healing Center, Ridgway, Crested Butte, Durango, Carbondale, Gunnison

* I'm pretty good at Sudoku but find puzzles in the paper to be beyond "hardest". Enjoy reading the latest at Kannah Creek(Gr Jct). - Arthur Proteau

* I had another new patient that heard about me through the Sunshine Express - good job. - Scott Rollins M.D., Integrative Medicine Center, Grand Junction, CO 

* The Sunshine Express is not only my favorite local newspaper to explore, with fun feel good news articles and ads, but after placing my ad with The Sunshine X they helped me drive over 5000 people to my website. Thanks KingDaddy and Moonstruck and Thank you Sunshine Express!!! - Ray McDonnell, 93.3 fm KKDC D'CROW,

* A BIG thank you [Danke!] for your promotion and coverage of Oktoberfest; those efforts are greatly appreciated! - Jim Witt, President, German American Club, Grand Junction

* Thanks so much. I see your paper on our travels everywhere and we greatly appreciate your service. Cheers. - Ben Wright, Doctor Robert, The Beatles Tribute

* We've been telling everyone they need to check out The Sunshine Express. It is an informative and intelligent newspaper. - Lou, Owner, Blackbird Trading Co., Cortez

* I recently moved to Montrose and picked up the August edition of the Sunshine Express. I congratulate you on a very informative and readable paper. - Peter A. Borgo, Montrose

* Hello Sunshine Express,
Thank you for sharing the exciting news to your readers about our partnership. We are glad to be connected in this relationship with you. All my Best! - Paul Varecha, JACKfm, Grand Junction & Montrose

* I just wanted to thank MoonStruck and KingDaddy at The Sunshine Express for the helpful service in supporting our ad in their paper. We've already had new customers come in that said they've seen our ad in the Sunshine Express and came to check out our Center. Thanks again you guys for doing such an awesome job! - Robin, Green Valley MMC, Rifle

* Thanks for all you do!!! - Scott Abrahams, TeaCo & Telluride Hydro, Illium, CO

* I am beyond thrilled with your publication! Thank you for helping my heart sing again. This publication fills such a wonderful VOID. Even better, 'The Sunshine Express' is online... "Calling all angels" indeed... I found the first edition I ever read last December, when I needed that message the most... and the feather validated much, too. Sincerely, Cheryl, Crested Butte

* Hello, I just want to say that I enjoy reading the Sunshine Express. It is a great publication. - Betty Favier, Telluride

* I know it works, and great area coverage. It was nice seeing my ad 200 miles away. That front page half banner ad is mine, I want a 3 year contract! - David, Acme Dispensary, Ridgway, Crested Butte & Durango

* Since we have been advertising in The Sunshine Express, we have noticed a significant increase in our local and regional business. - Roger Gardner, Chipeta Solar Springs Resort, Ridgway

* It was great to meet you two. I appreciate your efforts and your philosophy! Keep up the good word. - Scott Rollins M.D., Integrative Medicine Center, Grand Junction, CO

* My hubby, Charles Gonzales and myself, would just like to thank you for another fun venture with the Miramonte Fishing tournament. We have attended both years and totally enjoyed ourselves. Hats off to the ''crew'' that puts on the tourney !!!!!! - Deb Fuentes, Montrose

* Hello, I found your newspaper at Denny's in Cortez and I really enjoy it. I was raised between Cortez and Dolores 12 years and graduated in Dolores in 1961 - The right side upside down year.(1881, 1691, 1111, 1001.) Thank you. Enjoy your quizzes and jokes. - Molly Warren, Cortez, CO

* We’ve already received 4 calls in the first 10 days! Please sign us up for a year. - Dr. Mary Blakley, UCare Health Screenings, Gr Jct & Steamboat.

* Business is booming and we give much of the credit to your paper ( The Sunshine Express). - Matthews Alvarez, Reclametals, Montrose

* Thank you for your coverage of the Pow Wow. It was a great help in spreading the word. - Patty Austin, Organizing Committee, Montrose

* The Montrose Indian Nations Powwow advertises in the Sunshine Express and we've been VERY happy with the responses! Low cost and high quality - what a deal :) - Shirley Bradbury, Organizing Committee, Montrose

* Hello Sunshine Express-
I recently picked up my first copy of the Sunshine Express! I am so impressed with your publication and delighted that someone out there, is trying to spread the Good News! - Amy Wilkinson, Gateway, CO

* The Sunshine Express Newspapers you deliver to Snow Shadow Gym are swept off the shelf within approx. 8 days. - Bruce Kirk, Snow Shadow Gymnastics, Montrose

* Hello Creators of The Sunshine Express!
I appreciate your efforts.
Best, Ginger Erikson

* Hi Moonstruck & KingDaddy,
This is from Therese in Massachusetts. You did it again - another wonderful paper full of good news. Hoping you are both in good health. - Therese in Massachusetts

* Hi Moonstruck & KingDaddy,
Congratulations. You have a wonderful Sunshine Express. I'm very impressed... I never expected anything like this. - Therese in Massachusetts

* Editor;
Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I would like to express my gratitude to the Sunshine Express and their publishers, for their desire to report "Good News."
I personally find news programs and news papers depressing full of doom and gloom; having very little cheerful, delightful and enjoyable news about our local communities. Just imagine my smile when I heard about this new monthly adventure in news, beginning right here in our community.
Hats off to the Sunshine Express for this new paper full of "Good News" and local events to do right here at our back door. Congrats on the first issue of many to come. - Skitter Jones, Norwood, CO

* King Daddy & Moonstruck,
Congrats from all of us on the Eastern slope on the launch of the first issue of the Sunshine Express! This is truly the dawn of a new age of positive, inspirational news for everyone in the Southwestern Colorado area. Keep up the good work! - Frank in Windsor, CO

* Dear Mikey & Diane,
Thank you so much for starting your wonderful Sunshine Express! What a breath of fresh air you will be for the Western Slope. Thank you for your thoughtfulness in spreading consciousness and positive thinking. I really look forward to it's growth and evolution.
Sincerely and Namaste, Sarah Griesedieck, Montrose, CO

* Mikey & Diane,
I just wanted to share what a pleasure it was to meet the both of you. You don't often see the openness, love of life and positive attitudes that you both carry.
I am very excited for your new paper 'The Sunshine Express' and to be able to share in your positive attitudes and energy. In our current times of woe and depression it will be a great change for the 'good things' you will have to share with all of us. - Cindy Hollinbeck, Ridgway, CO

* Congrats Mikey & Diane…
You are filling a void long needed on the Western slope. We have been lacking a centralized & reliable resource for events, happenings, updates and articles that cover & spotlight what our great SW Colorado area has to offer. Hopefully, it will become a mainstay in our communities & a must read for every issue for locals & tourists alike.!! Best of luck in this endeavor & the future. - Judi Snelling, Ridgway


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